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jolis portraits d'enfants.

SD (Aspherical)

I love the second one down where the little girl is peering inquisitively into the bin. I also really like the last photograph, what a gorgeous detailed shot of the chick.


Étonnante coutume tout de même !

Pavan Kaul

These innocent kids make the chicks seem even sadder! Great work Sydney!

yiannis krikis

the child makes the images more interesting - very nice expression catching


They don't seem real painting like that. They are quite cute but I think that children do not need the added color to want to buy one.


beautiful kids and their expressions ;)


je continue a admirer ta série en oscillant toujours entre fascination et horreur !! bravo pour ton excellent travail


They are so cute. One can see why kids would delight in getting a chick.


ce sont de vraies peluches vivantes. Bon, il faut avouer que c'est tentant aussi pour des enfants.
10Fraction (j'ai un nouveau blog que je te laisse en lien)


very lovely childs expresion, wonderful


I have never seen or heard of such a thing, Sidney. My, My. I sure do get my education everytime I visit your site!

fortuitous faery

These kids don't know any better. Their parents should, though.

Luna Miranda

i love the last photo. a purple chick is just so cute.
but it is sad what happens to them.


cute little girl, shame her mother is buying her a chick.


ack! chick going in the *plastic* bag!


The children look quite fascinated really.. I suppose if I were young I would be too.


I find it odd to admit now that as a child, I never knew these chicks existed.

... it's sad and creepy to know that each if the chicks in your photographs is probably dead by now.


Just like our goldfish sold or won at the carnival. I wonder if the boys intend to fight the chicks in backyard arenas?

Otto K.

lovely images despite the chicks' circumstances. I have to admit that they are quite colorful and cute.


Même les enfants ont l'air dubitatif... La dernière, avec l'expression si forte du purple poussin, pourrait faire une pub contre la maltraitance. Bravo


when we was a child what dreams we have from these lil chicks :)

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